A downloadable Demo for Windows

OVERDO is a pixelated linear side-scrolling Hack-n-Slash videogame project which contains a features of various genres like Platformer, RPG and Shooter.

  • Story:
    The main plot of the game is about a teenager kid named Tame Sugiru whose family was violently killed.
    His purpose is to get a retaliation from the murderers with new obtained superpowers.
  • Features
    -Use extraordinary sword for melee combat and more unusual abilities
    -Make enemies bleed and absorb their blood to heal yourself
    -Use few magic spells for destruction and defence
    -Shoot foes with firearms that drop right from them
    -4 skill trees with 60 talents and 12 ultimates which will determine your gameplay style
    -Each type of enemies has distinctive behaviour and abilities
    -12 levels of dynamic gameplay


Overdo.zip 17 MB

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